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24.12.2018:List of Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna CPSEs: BSNL continues to find a place in the list of Miniratna CPSEs as on December 2018.   View list

17.10.2018: :Revision of Interest Rate on GPF : Department of Expenditure has announced that accumulations to GPF shall carry interest rate of 8% w.e.f 1st October 2018 to 31st December 2018.  VIEW DOE ORDER
15.07.2018: : A Special General Body Meeting and Felicitation to our beloved Com.S.E.Manian, Erode on his Retirement:     The  Special  GB  of   Erode AIBSNLOA and felicitation function to             Com. SE Manian were conducted on 14-07-2018 at Erode in a very grand manner . On behalf of Coimbatore  SSA Branch Com.Selvaraj.S, DS, Com. Edward Kennedy, COS & Com.Baby Hemalatha, AO attended the GB and conveyed wishes to Com.S.E Manian, SDE.

12.07.2018 : Com. Jessie Immaculate, JTO (Electrical) retired on VRS

We wish a Happy, Healthy & peaceful retired life.

30.06.2018: : AIBSNLOA  CONGRATULATES ALL THE PROMOTED EXECUTIVES: BSNL CO has issued order for promotion from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, JAO to AO. AIBSNLOA was first among a few associations which demanded filling up of all existing vacancies in all grades before implementation of the EPP A&RR and sincerely worked for it. Congratulations to all promotees!!!
07.05.2018: Identification of sensitive and non-sensitive posts: BSNL CO has circulated revised list of posts/functions classified as sensitive.   View orders
15.03.2018: Method of membership verificaion for granting recognition to Unions/Associations of BSNL employees: BSNL CO has proposed membership verification by check-off system in the future.   View letter
15.11.2017: AIBSNLOA TO PARTICIPATE IN HUMAN CHAIN PROGRAMME: In the meeting of all BSNL unions and associatons held on 14.11.2017, it was decided to postpone the Human Chain Programme to 23rd November 2017, in order to give more time for mobilisation. In the meeting GS AIBSNLOA expressed his views over the desirability of Strike Action at this point of time, when BSNL Management has been supportive by approving in the Board a proposal for pay revision with 15% fitment. AIBSNLOA will decide over the call for strike at the appropriate time.
07.11.2017: :GREETINGS TO THE NEW CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER: :On behalf of AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu Circle, our Circle President Com.T.Gunasekaran, Circle Secretary Com.P.Duraisamy, Assistant Circle Secretary Com.K.Ganapathy Subramanian and Organising Secretary Com.R.Badrinath met our respected New Chief General Manager, TN Circle and greeted him.Also met GM (Administration) and discussed some pending issues.  VIEW PHOTO
12.10.2017: IMPLEMENTATION OF BIOMETRIC SYSTEM IN ALL TELECOM CIRCLES OF BSNL OTHER THAN NCR: BSNL CO has requested all Telecom Circles other than NCR to update the status of availability and working of biometric systmes for registering the attendance of staff at their circle headquarters by 31st october 2017.   View letter
06.09.2017: CHQ WRITES TO SECRETARY, DOT REGARDING PAYMENT OF PENSION CONTRIBUTION IN RESPECT OF BSNL EMPLOYEES ON THE BASIS OF ACTUAL PAY: 'Now it is learnt that DoE has conveyed its no objection for pension contribution on actual pay and has left the matter to be decided by DoT.'   Read More

24.07.2017: 4TH CIRCLE CONFERENCE OF AIBSNLOA TAMILNADU CIRCLE:  The 4th Circle Conference of AIBSNLOA Tamil Nadu Circle was held in a grand manner at Trichy.  Our CGM, Tamil Nadu Circle participated as Chief Guest and graced the occasion.   The Hall was  overflowing with Officers & Delegates from all over Tamilnadu. Circle Secretary Com.MSR  was honoured with a Trophy for his marvellous work.   New Circle Office Bearers were elected in the conference.  We express our hats off salute to Trichy Comrades who arranged for the conference in a grandiose manner.  View List      

10.07.2017: :PAY FIXATION MATTER RELATING TO BSNL EMPLOYEES : DOT issued letter regarding Pay Fixation matter relating to BSNL Employees & issue of increment on regular promotion to a scale ..  VIEW LETTER
04.07.2017: :INVITATION FOR THE IV CIRCLE CONFERENCE ON 23-07-2017 : Invitation for the Fourth Circle Conference to be held at Trichy on 23-07-2017 . All Senior Officers, Members, Sister Association's Leaders are cordially invited..  VIEW PAGE ONE  VIEW PAGE TWO
08.06.2017: GS AIBSNLOA letter addressed to Prime Minister on exempting BSNL from 'affordability' clause receives prompt attention of Management: GS AIBSNLOA had written to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on 25.5.2017 regarding exempting BSNL from the 'affordability' clause recommended by 3rd Pay Revision Committee, with a copy marked to CMD BSNL.   View the CMD letter       View AIBSNLOA letter to PM
25.05.2017: CHQ writes to Prime Minister on Exempting BSNL from the ‘affordability’ clause recommended by 3rd Pay Revision Committee for CPSE employees: 'In India, PSEs, considered as ‘temples of modern India’ were conceived as instruments to bring socio-economic transformation of the country. Those were the mainstay for self-reliant growth. Some important objectives were to create infrastructure, absorb technology, encourage innovation, generate employment and achieve certain social objectives.'   Read More
24.04.2017:FELICITATION TO UNIONS/ASSOCIATIONS BY THE RESPECTFUL CGM , TN CIRCLE.:  Tamilnadu Circle has recorded a growth of 2.33% in the financial year 2016-2017. In a good fraternal way, all the unions / Associations were felicitated by the Circle Administration in a special function on 21.04.2017. ... Thanks to our CGM... We assure our fullest cooperation in the coming years also.  View Citation
21.04.2017 : Newly elected Office Bearers of Coimbatore Dist. Branch: In the Special General Body Meeting conducted on 14.04.2017, Com.S.Selvaraj, JAO has been unanimously elected as District Secretary,  Com.Jessie Immaculate,JTO as District President  & Com.Sujatha Vani, JTO as Finance Secretary.  Our Heartiest Wishes to the Comrades ! View Letter.
15.04.2017: Informal Meetings to Unions/Associations :: SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding informal Meetings with non-recognised Unions/Association of BSNL employees ..  View Letter
21.03.2017: Implementation of 7th CPC recommendation - Applicability to the BSNL absorbees: BSNL has endorsed the DoT order dated 16.3.2017 [published in this site on 17.03.2017] clarifying that the maximum limit of DCRG shall be Rs.20 lakhs w.e.f. 1.1.2016 to the BSNL absorbees who have opted for pension for combined service governed under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.   View orders
17.02.2017: IMPLEMENTATION OF HON'BLE CAT JUDGMENT IN OA NO.1282/2010 FIXATION OF PAY UNDER FR-22 (1)(A)(I) TO THE MEMBERS OF AIBSNLOA: BSNL CO has issued orders extending the same benefit earlier extended to members of BSNLOA & AIBSNLEA to members of AIBSNLOA, CTD.   View orders
24.01.2017: DEDUCTION OF SUBSCRIPTION AND PAYMENT TO AIBSNLOA CHQ: BSNL has issued orders modifying its earlier instructions, providing to pay the entire subscription of Rs.50 per member to CHQ AIBSNLOA which will further distribute the quota to Circle and Branches.            View letter
17.01.2017: CHQ WRITES TO DIRECTOR (HR) REQUESTING SPEEDY ACTION TO GET EARLY DECISION FROM ERNAKULAM HIGH COURT: 'While everyone was attributing the delay in finalisation of court case to lethargy and lack of seriousness of legal cell, recently it has been established that our legal machinery is quite capable of speedy action in court cases, by submission of counters and rejoinders in time, by engaging senior counsels and even by deputing the Addl. Solicitor General.'   Read More

Comrades! We record our sincere gratitude  to all the executives for supporting AIBSNLOA. We will be always on the right path.

25.11.2016: PREPARATORY WORK FOR PROMOTION TO CAO GRADE ON ADHOC BASIS: BSNL CO has circulated the provisional eligibility list of AOs/Sr.AOs and has aksed the circles/units to furnish APARs of those in the list as a initial preparatory work for promotion to CAO grade on adhoc basis.   View letter

25.11.2016 : CIRCLE EXECUTIVE MEETING @ VIRUDHUNAGAR : 4TH CEC OF AIBSNLOA TN CIRCLE was held at Virudhunagar on 24.11.2016.  All the Circle Executive Members & District Secretaries attended the meeting to discuss about the forthcoming Membership Verification.  On behalf of Coimbatore SSA Com. M.Chinnamylsamy,DP,  Com.S.Sakthivel,DS, Com.M Viswanathan, CWC Member Com.G.Edward Kennedy, COS attended the meeting.

24.11.2016: NOTICE FOR AGITATION AGAINST FORMATION OF A SUBSIDIARY TOWER COMPANY: Unions and Associations in BSNL have jointly given a call for Day long Dharna on 25.11.2016 and Strike on 15.12.2016 against formation of Subsdiary Tower Company. All are requested to mobilise in full strength and make the programme successful.   View letter
17.11.2016: GS MEETS GM (RECT) AND DGM (FP) ON CONSTITUTION OF COMMITTEE TO SCRUTINISE DISCREPANCIES ALLEGED IN THE RESULTS OF LICE FOR PROMOTION TO JAO GRADE: Our GS met GM (Rectt) and DGM (FP) separately yesterday and conveyed our concern on the matter. Our Association has suggested that any review should be done only in the case of unsuccessful candidates and the results already declared should be untouched. We have also suggested that all those under training should be allowed to complete it and given looking on duties as JAOs till the matter is finally resolved, instead of asking them to join the parent cadre. Our suggestions have been accepted in principle. 
10.11.2016: NOTIFICATION FOR MT EXAMINATIONS CANCELLED: BSNL CO has cancelled its notifications issued on 30.4.2015 for holding examination for recruitment of Management Trainees External and Internal.   View letter
27.10.2016: COUNTRY-WIDE MASS DEMONSTRATIONS PROTESTING AGAINST FORMATION OF SUBSDIARY TOWER COMPANY: Mass demonstrations were held all over the country by all BSNL unions and associations on 27.10.2016, protesting against Government move to get approval of Cabinet for formation of subsdiary tower company. Our comrades expressed their commitment to fight it out through a serious trade union action to safeguard the interest of our company.
07.10.2016: GRANT OF PRODUCTIVITY LINKED INCENTIVE (PLI) TO BSNL EMPLOYEES FOR THE YEAR 2014-2015: BSNL CO has issued orders conveying approval of BSNL Board for payment of Productivity Linked Incentive for the year 2014-15 @ Rs.3000/- per employee, covering BSNL absorbed, BSNL recruited Group A, B, C & D, including unabsorbed employees.   View orders
03.10.2016: RATE OF INTEREST FOR GPF ACCUMULATIONS: Dept. of Expenditure has announced that accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.0% w.e.f. 1st October 2016 to 31st December 2016.   View Gazette Notification
10.09.2016: FOUR EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATIONS COME TOGETHER AND FORM FEDERATION OF BSNL EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATIONS: We hereby convey with pleasure, the formation of Federation of BSNL Executives’ Associations comprising the following four Executives Association in BSNL:

All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Officers’ Association [AIBSNLOA]
Bahujan Executives Association of BSNL [BEA of BSNL]
Telecom Sector Officers’ Association [TSOA]
All India Telecom Executives & Engineers Association [AITEEA]  Read More
10.09.2016: CHQ WRITES TO CMD REQUESTING PAYMENT OF EX-GRATIA AMOUNT IN LIEU OF BONUS: 'It is a known fact now that under your Chairmanship, promising signs of revival of BSNL are already there with improvement in the revenue and picking up of sales with the SWAS programme. A small positive gesture at this time by the Management will greatly improve the morale of the employees and result in further growth.'   Read More
08.09.2016: PROVISION OF INCENTIVE TO BSNL STAFF FOR BRINGING NEW LANDLINE/BROADBAND CONNECTION: BSNL CO has issued orders providing incentive of Rs.100/- per new Landline connection and Rs.200/- per new Landline plus Broadband connection brought by the BSNL staff.   View letter
26.08.2016: OFFER OF DISCOUNTS ON MEDICINES BY APOLLO PHARMACY: BSNL CO has circulated the offer letter from Apollo Pharmacy on discounts on the products sold from their Pharmacy outlets across the country.   View letter

13.08.2016: CEC @ TRICHY:  The CEC Meeting  of  AIBSNLOA TamilNadu Circle  was held at PGM Office, Trichy.   Our   Dist. President Com. M. Chinnamylsamy, Dist. Secretary Com.S. Sakthivel, Circle Org. Secreatary Com. G. Edward Kennedy, Com.S.Selvaraj & former Dist.Secretary Com M.Dhanuskodi attended the CEC. View Photos.

11.08.2016: SWAS Programme held  at Coimbatore SSA:  As per the decision of the Forum, SWAS Rally was conducted @ Coimbatore with the active participation of both Executive  & Non-Executive staff of BSNL.  Our Asst. Circle Secretary Com. S.E.Manian, led the rally on behalf of AIBSNLOA along with CGM, Tamil Nadu Circle, PGM, Coimbatore & other forum leaders.  View Photos

11.08.2016: ADMISSIBILITY OF HRA AT IDA BASIC PAY WITH 78.2%: BSNL CO has issued orders allowing HRA at IDA basic pay with 78.2% fitment benefit in respect of Executives and Non-Executives w.e.f. 1.10.2016.  View orders
10.08.2016: UNLIMITED FREE CALLING TO ANY NETWORK ON SUNDAY FROM BSNL LANDLINE : Unlimited Free calling scheme on all Sundays is in addition to free night calling to all networks already being offered from 9PM to 7AM. The Tariff will be applicable on PAN India Basis w.e.f. 15th of Aug 2016.   View letter

05.08.2016: ENHANCING OF CEILING FOR DCRG: DoP&PW has issued orders implementing the recommendations of VII CPC and enhancing the DCRG ceiling from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs w.e.f. 1.1.2016. [The enhanced maximum limit of 20 lakhs is applicable also to BSNL absorbed pensioners who retired after 1.1.2016 since the provision of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 stands modifed to this extent.]   View DoP&PW OM
31.07.2016: CHQ WRITES TO DIRECTOR (HR) IN RESPONSE TO THE APPEAL AND ADVISORY TO BSNL OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVES: 'But it may not be out of context to say here that no officer or executive will intentionally take a decision to seek legal remedy, given the cost, time and mental agony connected with it. No one will file a case just for the fun of it. If the cases are properly analysed, in most of the cases the concerned Executives would have been really aggrieved either by his genuine plea not being accepted or by arbitrary, and deliberate violations of BSNL Transfer Policy by the Circle and SSA administrations.'   Read More
22.07.2016: Press Release : BSNL issued a Press Release stating that BSNL Data Tariff is Cheapest. View.
05.07.2016: Cabinet approves Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners: 'The pension of BSNL pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 has been revised w.e.f. 01.01.2007 notionally with actual benefit w.e.f. 10.06.2013, by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment at par with the serving employees of BSNL.Read More
01.07.2016: List of holidays for 2017: BSNL CO has circulated the list of holidays to be observed in the year 2017.   View list
23.06.2016: AIBSNLOA submits its application for participation in Membership verification of BSNL Executive Associations: AIBSNLOA has today submitted its application for participation in Membership verification of BSNL Executive Associations.
10.06.2016: THIRD PAY REVISION COMMITTEE APPOINTED: In order to review and revise the existing structure of the emoluments of CPSE Executives, Government of India has appointed Third Pay Revision Committee headed by Retired Justice Satish Chandra. The committee will make its recommendations to the Government within six months from the date of its constitution. The decision of the Government on the recommendations of the committee will take effect from 1.1.2017.   View Gazette Notification

06-06-2016: E2-E3 Pay Scales of Executives in BSNL :   AIBSNLOA   CHQ  has   published  a        Fact-File on E2-E3 Scales. View.

06.06.2016: GPF INTEREST RATE: Ministry Of Finance has announced that during the year 2016-17, accumulations at the credit of the subscribers to General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest rate at the rate of 8.1% w.e.f. 1st April 2016 to June 2016.   View orders
02.06.2016: OUR CHQ WRITES TO CMD REQUESTING GRANT OF STATUS AND POWERS OF SDE TO ALL THE EXECUTIVES WHO ARE ALREADY IN E2 SCALE AND ABOVE BUT NOT YET PROMOTED AS SDE: 'The company, as it seems, is not serious in bringing the court cases to an end, since it has been able to put the responsibility on the JTOs and extract the work of SDE from them without hindrance of work in the name of Looking After promotion. Even transfers are being forced on them in the name of Looking After promotion, justifying the transfer on the ground that they are already drawing the SDE scale and hence cannot deny LA promotion.'   Read More

31.05.2016 : Com.V. Rajasekaran, JAO retires on superannuation 

We wish him a healthy & happy retired life.

30.05.2016: Glimpses of the Retirement party arranged by Officers & Staff at PGM Office, Coimbatore - 18.

23.05.2016: EXTENSION OF BENEFIT OF PAY PROTECTION TO THE INTERNAL OFFICIALS SELECTED AGAINST DR JTO QUOTA WHO HAVE APPLIED THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL: BSNL CO has reiterated its earlier orders that officials appointed as DR JTO (who were earlier working as TTA) are entitled for benefits of past service if otherwise admissible under rules.   View letter
21.05.2016  :    DISTRICT CONFERENCE
District Conference  of AIBSNLOA, Coimbatore SSA Branch was conducted in a grand manner on 21.05.2016 under the President ship of Com.K. Sivakumaran, District Secretary Com. M.Dhanushkodi welcomed all. Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Radhakrishnan in his inaugural address  explained the activities of the Circle Association and remembered the contribution by Coimbatore branch. The Circle President Com.T.Gunasekaran, AGS Com.P.Manoharan, ACS Com.S.E.Manian, the Coimbatore stalwart Com.Ponnusamy Retd DGM and Com.L.Subbarayan, DS NFTE offered felicitations. Retired comrades were honoured in the meeting. Com RRB in his special address explained in detail all the important issues and the role being played by AIBSNLOA in addressing and settling the issues.  Com.M.Chinnamylsamy AGM, Com.S.Sakthivel SDE and Com.Jessy Immaculate SDE(Elec) were unanimously elected as District President, District Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively. 
06.05.2016: Direct Recruitment in JTO (T) grade: BSNL CO has issued instructions for conduct of direct recruitment in JTO (T) grade from open market for the year 2015-16.   View orders

27.04.2016: CMD's Message on BSNL's No.1 Position :As per TRAI Telecom Subscription Report as on 29.2.2016, BSNL stood Number One Position amongst all Telcos.'   Read More

24.04.2016: BSNL received DSIJ 'The Best PSU Awards 2015' under the category of 'Highest Turnover PSU in Mini Ratna - Non Manufacturing': Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), India's No.1 investment magazine presented its 7th Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) Awards on 21st April 2016. State run telecom major - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been conferred with the 'DSIJ Best PSU Award 2015' in the category of 'Highest Turnover PSU in Mini Ratna - Non Manufacturing.'   Read More
05.04.2016: FIXATION OF PAY ON PROMOTION FOR EXECUTIVES - GRANT OF NOTIONAL INCREMENT ON ACTUAL BASIS FROM 1.1.2007: On continuous pursuance by AIBSNLOA with DPE  [View AIBSNLOA letter dated 3.2.2015.] , DPE directed DoT to take necessary action on the issue.  [View DPE letter dated 19.5.2015] After approval by DoT, BSNL issued orders for grant of notional increment on promotion @3% instead of 'equivalent to previous increment. But it allowed grant of notional increment w.e.f. 1.1.2007 notionally and actually from 6.1.2016. AIBSNLOA then took up the issue of grant of the fixation benefit on ACTUAL BASIS FROM 1.1.2007.  View CHQ letter dated 4.2.2016 BSNL CO has now issued orders allowing grant of notional increment on ACTUAL BASIS FROM 1.1.2007.   View orders
05.04.2016: ADMISSIBILITY OF PROFESSIONAL/SKILL UPGRADATION ALLOWANCE AT IDA BASIC PAY WITH 78.2% FITMENT IN RESPECT OF EXECUTIVES AND NON-EXECUTIVES OF BSNL: BSNL CO has issued orders allowing profession/skill upgradation allowance at IDA basic pay with 78.2% fitment in respect of executives and non-executives of BSNL.   View orders
04.04.2016: BSNL TO LAUNCH 4G SERVICES IN 14 TELECOM CIRCLES: 'State-owned BSNL is gearing up to launch 4G services in 14 telecom circles where it has 20 MHz liberalised broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum.'   Read More
01.04.2016: No increase in IDA: According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers for December 2015 (269), January 2016 (269) and February 2016 (267), there is no increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2016 which will remain at 112.4%.

21.03.2016: SECOND CEC HELD ON 19-3-2016 AT KARAIKUDI:

The Second Circle Executive Committee meeting of our AIBSNLOA was conducted at Karaikudi on 19.03.2016 in a very grand manner. The Circle Executive meeting was presided by the Circle President Com.T.Gunasekaran.  The CHQ President Com.K.Rajasekaran, the CHQ Vice President Com.S.Jeyachandran, the AGS CHQ Com. P.Manoharan and the Advisor Com R R B are the special dignitaries. District Secretary Com.M. Dhanushkodi, Dist. President Com.Sivakumarn.K, COS Com. Edward Kennedy G, Com. Sakthivel attended the CEC.

09.02.2016: COMPASSIONATE GROUND APPOINTMENTS: BSNL has since decided to directly offer compassionate ground appointment as per educational qualification without considering the weightage points.   View letter
22.01.2016:  THIRD PAY REVISION COMMITTEE - CHQ WRITES TO PRIME MINISTER  &  DPE REPLY : Responding to PMO reference to it on our letter dated 24.11.2015   [View CHQ letter] , DPE has informed us (again) that 'constitution of Third Pay Revision Committee is under consideration.'   View DPE letter
19.01.2016: FIXATION OF PAY OF EXECUTIVES ON PROMOTIO- CLARIFICATION: Due to the persistent efforts of our CHQ,  BSNL has now issued orders clarifying that notional increment @ 3% of the existing basic pay be granted for fixation of pay on promotion of the Executives, as in the case of non-executives. However the benefit will be given notionally w.e.f.1.1.2007 and actually from the date of approval by DoT i.e.6.1.2016.   View clarification.  View CHQ letter for details
03.01.2016: SERVICE WITH A SMILE (SWAS) PROGRAMME: Forum of BSNL unions and associations has launched a programme of 'Service With A Smile' (SWAS) from 1.1.2016, a 100 days programme.   Read More from Forum Circular

31.12.2015 : Com.C. Susila Devi, JAO retired on superannuation : 

We wish her a peaceful, healthy & happy retired life.

31.12.2015: INCREASE IN IDA W.E.F. 1.1.2016: According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers for September 2015 (266), October 2015 (269) and November 2015 (270), IDA is to increase by 4.5% w.e.f. 1.1.2016 from 107.9% to 112.4%.
23.12.2015: PROMOTIONAL SCHEME TO OFFER 10% DISCOUNT ON ‘SPEED RESTORATION ADD-ON PLANS ’ ON THE OCCASION OF CHRISTMAS, NEW YEAR AND REPUBLIC DAY IN ALL THE CIRCLES: BSNL has launched a promotional scheme to offer 10% discount on the Speed restoration add-on plan charges during upcoming festive season ( Christmas, New Year and Republic day) in all the circles for a period from 25.12.2015 to 31-01-2016”.   View orders
16.12.2015: CHENNAI FLOODS: USERS ASK TELECOM COMPANIES TO COMPENSATE, APOLOGISE FOR STALLED SERVICES : ' An online petition on website has urged telecom services providers such as Bharti Airtel, Aircel, Reliance Communications and Vodafone to compensate subscribers for failing to provide services when most needed - during the recent unprecedented rains which flooded the metropolis and brought life to a standstill.'   Read More
07.12.2015: IMPLEMENTATION OF E-SERVICE BOOK IN ALL MINISTRIES/DEPARTMENTS :DoPT has instructed all Ministries/Departments to switch to electronic format for maintenance of Service Book.   View letter
04.11.2015 : BSNL Will become profitable by 2018-19: CMD Anupam Shrivastava -  By 2018-2019, BSNL will be back again in profits. Major reasons include growing data demand, lesser salary outgo impact and declining debt to equity ratio. We are least debt-ridden telco in the sector with less than Rs 6,000 crore debt. Our debt to equity ratio is 0.13%. Our capex and collaboration (sharing) initiatives are going in right direction.
Read Full Story: Click Here
02.11.2015: Corporate Office letter on Recruitment Rules for the grade of Junior Accounts Officer in BSNL - Amendment in JAO RRs of BSNL.
Consequent to the reduction of qualifying service to appear JTO LICE from 7 years to 5 years, the JAO RR is also amended. As per the Amended RR, the qualifying service to appear the JAO Internal Competitive Examination under 40% quota is 5 years.<<view letter>>
31.10.2015 :  Our District President     Shri.          K. Sivakumaran,   SDE      retired         on        Superannuation. A  Grand  Farewell    was given by the Officers & Staff at Coimbatore  honouring  his exemplary services rendered in the Department.  His remarkable service in the  Transmission Wing was remembered & praised by all in the  gathering. We wish him a peaceful & joyful retired life.

19-10-2015: Dharna for Adhoc PLI issue- The Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations'  call for One day Dharna on 19.10.2015 was organized at Circle Office/ SSA level demanding Adhoc PLI payment. 

14.10.2015: REVISION OF IDA RATE W.E.F. 1.10.2015: BSNL CO has endorsed the DPE order dated 8.10.2015 revising IDA rate to 107.9% w.e.f. 1.10.2015.   View letter
26.09.2015 :  1st  CEC of AIBSNLOA, Tamil Nadu Circle was held at Kumbakonam in a grand manner.    The new circle office bearers of Tamil Nadu Circle & District Office bearers of all the districts, special invitees attended the meeting.  Our District President Com.K.Sivakumaran,SDE  was honoured in the gathering for his exemplary services rendered in the Department & Association.

01-09-2015: Dharna on 16.9.2015 against the proposed subsidiary Tower Company

The Forum of BSNL unions and associations has decided to give a call for Mass Dharna on 16.9.2015 at all levels urging the Government to give up its decision to form a subsidiary tower company. All are requested to participate in the  massive dharnas.



Consequent to Union Cabinet decision approving hiving off mobile tower assets of BSNL into a separate company, the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations has given a call for MASSIVE DEMONSTRATIONS throughout the country on 12.8.2015.  Let us ensure full participation.

31.07.2015 :   Com. D. Ramesh, SDE Coimbatore retired on superannuation today. We wish him a peaceful & Happy retired life.


Dr Kalam proved that a person from a modest family background can make it to the highest office by the virtue of talent and hard work. We pay our respectful Homage to the "Missile Man of India".

25-07-2015: CHQ News: Issue regarding pay fixation of JAOs(Deptl)(40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives’ Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011 – Allowing option for revision of pay from the date of promotion to the grade of JAO:In view of the recommendations of the committee and approval by competent authority BSNL CO has issued orders allowing JAOs (Deptl)(40% quota) of 2010 Batch to exercise the option for fixation of pay in the revised pay from the date of promotion in the grade of JAO, as one time dispensation. However, due to financial constraints of BSNL, No arrears will be paid and effect of actual pay revision will be prospective i.e. from the date of issue of this order. Any change from earlier option shall be exercised within a period of one month. view orders.

15-07-2015: Meeting with CGM: The circle office bearers President Com.T.Gunasekaran, Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Radhakrishnan, ACS Com.R.Selvakumar,ACS Com.S.E.Manian and FS Com.Ganapathy Subramanian met CGM. The settlement of GPF interest for 2014-15, Shortage of OF Cable, Training on ERP to field units , considering SSA and IMPCS as a single unit for the purpose of transfer/posting, performance of franchisees and the acute shortage of executives in some SSAs were discussed in detail. Some individual representations on posting /tranfer were also discussed. The discussions were very positive and we expect good results. The office bearers met PGM (Finance) , GM (NWP CFA) and DGM HR also...

07.07.2015: REVISION OF IDA W.E.F. 1.7.2015: DPE has issued orders revising IDA to 102.6% w.e.f. 1.7.2015. View orders


The Third Circle Conference of our AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu circle was held at Hotel Tamilnadu, Madurai on 24.06.2015 under the president ship of Com R.Damodaran. The Grand event started with the hoisting of national Flag by Com.S.Ratnasubramanian, Patron AIBSNLOA. The Association Flag was hoisted by our beloved General Secretary Com Rakesh Sethi. More than 120 delegates from all the SSAs attended the conference with full enthusiasm and made the deliberations lively. The arrangements made by the host branches were excellent and appreciated by one and all. Our Circle Secretary and All India President Com K.RAJASEKKARAN conducted the conference in a well disciplined manner. The General Secretary Com Rakesh Sethi, Veteran Leader Com Ratnasubramanian, Comrade RRB, Comrade P.Manoharan AGS, Comrade S,Jeyachandran All India Vice president, Com.R.Stanilaus Mary, CHQ OS (South), and other leaders attended and addressed the conference. All the district secretaries, Circle office bearers took part in the deliberations with sincere and valuable suggestions. On behalf of the Administration Shri.V.Raju ITS Principal General Manager Trichy, in charge of Madurai attended the Open Session and presented his valuable points to our members. He highlighted the need of the hour- caring for the customers – and appreciated the initiatives taken by the association. The mood of the participants was upbeat and the conference elected the new office bearers unanimously, with Com.T.Gunasekaran, DE, Trichy SSA as President, Com.M.S.Radhakrishnan, AGM, Kumbakonam SSA as Circle Secretary and Com.K.Ganapathi Subramanian, JTO Circle Ofice, Chennai as Finance Secretary. VIEW list of new office bearers..

31.05.2015 : AIBSNLOA TN Circle President Com. Damodaran ,SDE Coimbatore retired on superannuation. We wish him a peaceful retired life

14-04-2015: SECOND AIC OF AIBSNLOA AT KOLKATA The 2nd AIC at Kolkatta successfully ended with great hope and cheers among the members. About 64 delegates from Tamilnadu partipated in the conference.  Our delegates from Coimbatore actively participated in the proceedings of the conference. 

31-03-2015: Increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2015According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers for December 2014 (253), January (254) and February 2015 (253), IDA is to increase by 0.2% w.e.f. 1.4.2015 from 100.3% to 100.5%

14.03.2015 : A warm farewell was organised by Coimbatore SSA at Coimbatore on 14-03-2015 to honour Smt. Usha, CAO, a senior member of AIBSNLOA, who retired on 28-02-2015 . The function was held at Telegraph Recreation Club, Coimbatore under the Presidentship of com. K. Sivakumaran, District President. Com. M. Dhanuskodi, District Secretary, Coimbatore, Com. Smt. Umaganesan, CAO, District Treasurer, Com. A. Sivaraman and Com. R. Damodaran, Circle President AIBSNLOA honoured Smt. Usha for her active participation in Officers Association in various capacities like CWC member etc. Smt. Usha thanked all the members of AIBSNLOA and said that she will continue to work and give her contribution for the growth of AIBSNLOA. Further she contributed a sum of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) to AIBSNLOA. AIBSNLOA wishes her a happy and peaceful retired life.
31.03.2014: Decrease in IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2014: According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for December 2013, January 2014 and February 2014, IDA is to decrease by 2.1% w.e.f. 1.4.2014 from 90.5% to 88.4%.

27.03.2014: Erode SSA AGB on 22-03-2014 The Third Annual General Body Meeting of AIBSLOA, Erode District Branch was held at Paveish Park, Lakshmi Nagar, Bhavani On 22-03-2014 in a grand manner.

In the morning session, a special meeting was held to felicitate our member Com D SUBRAMANIAN AGM(Admn & HR) who retires on 31-03-2014. Comrades of our AIBSNLOA, Com. R.R. Balasubramanian AGS, Com K. Rajasekaran Circle Secretary, Com R. Damodaran Circle President, Com R. Selvakumar CHQ Auditor, Com T. Gunaseakaran CHQ Org Secretary, Com M.S .Radhakrishnan ACS, Com Kamaraj ACS , Com Nirmala Muralidharan OS had felicitated Com D. SUBRAMANIAN . Veteran Comrades from SNEA(I), BSNLEU, NFTE-BSNL , AIBSNLEA,TEPU,SNETTA,SEWA BSNL, Easwaran, CWC Member of SNEA(I) also had attended and appreciated the role of Com Subramanian in [email protected] assignment during their felicitation speech. Retired veterans Com Natarajan, Com V Selvarajan, Com S Rajasekaran Com.Ponnusamy had attended and recorded their felicitation to Com Subramanian. DS Coimbatore and other members from Coimbatore, Comrades from Madurai and other nearby SSAs were attended the meeting.

In the afternoon session , the General Body meeting of Erode SSA heId , our AGS and Circle Secretary spoke about the status of proposed membership verification and DPC process of various cadres. Following were unanimously elected as new office bearers, President as Com. S.Govindaswamy AGM EB & Sales-CFA, Erode , Secretary as Com. P.Duraisamy DE Perundurai and Finance Secretary as Com. K.Gopalakrishnan SDE (G) Moolappalayam .

20.03.2014: Revised Executive promotion policy for executives in BSNL: AIBSNLOA has been time and again advocating time bound functional promotions to the Executives (instead of the present time bound financial upgradation), as assured at the time of absorption. In February 2012, on insistence by some Executive associations (not AIBSNLOA) a committee was formed for considering ‘Introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL.’ Three Executive associations were given representation in the committee. In view of the fate of various earlier committees, we did not press for inclusion of AIBSNLOA in the committee. Therefore, we wrote to the committee that no decision on the issue should be taken by the committee without calling for and considering our views on the issue. The committee met only twice, on 12th July 2012 and 19th February 2013. However after discussions within the official side, the draft views of the official side were circulated on 1st July 2013. The official side had emphasized its view that "the organization hierarchy will be severely disturbed if functional promotion is given on time bound basis" and "that if the scenario for the year 2014 is projected when the next time bound upgradation is due, the no. of executives in higher pay scales (DE/DGMs) will increase whereas availability of executives at operational levels (JTO/SDE) would decline further.” AIBSNLOA refuted this and wrote to the Management that "The above contentions are not true since non-availability of JTOs is a result of failure of BSNL in recruiting JTOs to the extent of sanctioned strength and has nothing to do with the promotion policy. Increase in number of Executives with DE scale shall also not affect the operations anyway, since DEs and SDEs are performing similar functions except in administrative offices." The official side had further proposed that, “Accordingly, if we have to follow CPSU cadre hierarchy, the Executive promotion policy in BSNL requires to be completely recast. Some of the important features of such a policy would be clear assignment of marking system / weightages to different components such as performance, qualifications and experience for different levels of promotion such as from E-1 to E-2, E-2 to E-3 etc.” and that in this context, “there is dire need to review current benchmarks for financial upgradations so that these are aligned to the basic theme of performance-orientation and higher employee productivity.” Now BSNL Management has come up with the draft Revised Executive Promotion Policy replacing the present time bound financial upgradation and post-based functional promotions with "promotion of Executives to positions in the next higher grade on the basis of merit, efficiency, number of years of service in a grade and suitability for higher posts." Minimum period of service in a grade (called Eligibility Period) will be 5 years. More stringent benchmarks have been proposed and even after completion of Eligibility Period of 5 years and even after being found suitable by a CPC, promotion will be only to the extent of posts in higher grade to be decided on the basis of the recommendations of the consultant engaged by BSNL to prepare Revival Plan & HR Plan for BSNL. This will in effect mean that there will be no time bound promotion/upgradation and getting a post based promotion will become a more difficult probability. All members and other Executives are requested to go through the draft and convey their response to: [email protected] within a week.  Read the draft
10.12.2013: Pay fixation of JAO (Deptl) -2010 (40% quota) – Calling of Information: BSNL CO has called for information from the Circles in respect of such qualified JAOs who were given officiating promotion after declaration of result of JAO (Pt-II) exam (40% quota) held in 2010 and their pay were fixed in Pre-revised IDA payscale of JAO in Rs. 9850-250-14600, for submission to the committee constituted to address the issue.  View letter   View proforma

05.12.2013:LA arrangemnt in AO grade: Circle office has called for options from the eligible JAOs to lookafter as AOs through looking after arrangement. View orders

16.11.2013: List of Empanelment Hospitals in Tamilnadu Circle : Circle office has circulated the list of hospitals for empanelment/renewal empanelment under BSNL MRS in Tamilnadu circle. VIEW letter
16.11.2013: LA arrangement in the grade of AO : Circle office has issued looking after arrangement for JAOs in Tamilnadu circle in the grade of AO. VIEW orders

31.10.2013: We welcome our Shri Sivaraj, who has assumed charge as  PGM in our SSA.

30.10.2013: A grand farewell party was organised for Shri A.Shajahan, our PGM who is due to retire this month. The hall was jam-packed with audience who came to attend the function.  This  shows the regard which our staff had for our PGM.  Our association was represented by our Circle President and our District Secretary. Our CP presented a shawl to our PGM. DS spoke about the achievements and good work done by our PGM during his tensure as DGM, GM and PGM in our SSA. AIBSNLOA Coimbatore SSA wishes our PGM a happy. prosperous,healthy  and peaceful  retired life.

09.10.2013: Looking beyond - Declining value of Rupee: who are the culprits: 'Today, the Indian Rupee is facing a fall in its value that is unprecedented and seemingly unending. Though the process of decline started a couple of years ago, the phase has been very rigorous in the recent times. It was trading around Rs.45 per dollar in August, 2011. It fell to Rs.55 in August, 2012. On the day this is written, it has nosedived to as low as Rs.64 against the dollar.'  Read More
  • 09.10.2013: Provisional seniority list of JAOs/AAOs as on 4.10.2013: BSNL SEA section has circulated the provisional seniority list of JAOs/AAOs as on 4.10.2013.  View list
08.10.2013: Government to issue detailed guidelines for sharing spectrum before auctions: 'Experts say the guidelines on sharing spectrum could also resolve the longstanding dispute between the government and telecom operators over 3G intra-circle roaming arrangements.'  Read More
  • 07.10.2013: DPE ISSUES ORDERS ON REVISION OF IDA W.E.F.1.10.2013: DPE has issued orders revising IDA from 78.9% to 85.5% w.e.f.1.10.2013.  View orders
  • 30.09.2013: INCREASE IN IDA W.E.F 1.10.2013: According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for June, July and August 2013, IDA is to increase by 6.6% w.e.f. 1.10.2013 from 78.9% to 85.5%.

  • 13.09.2013:GoM approves refund for BSNL, MTNL for returning BWA spectrum:The Group of Ministers (GoM) on revival of BSNL and MTNL yesterday decided to refund the money paid by the state-run players for surrendering BWA spectrum worth more than Rs 11,000 crore. The GoM, headed by Finance Minister P Chidambaram, also took a decision on providing pension to MTNL employees, which is likely to cost about Rs 570 crore a year. "The Group of Ministers took firm decisions, one in relation to pension of MTNL employees, the second in relation to the spectrum that was allocated both to BSNL and MTNL in the 2.5 GHz band and one other small issue," Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters here. He said the decision will now be taken to the Cabinet for approval.(BS)

05.09.2013:Posting of office-bearers of Executive Associations in sensitive posts:BSNL CO has suggested that, in general, office-bearers of Executives' Associations may be excluded from posting in HR/Admn and Vigilance wings except in circumstances which warrant otherwise in the overall interest of service. View orders...

05.09.2013: We place on record our sincere thanks to Shri A.Kathiresan, CAO(Estt) and Shri Lakshminarasimhan, AO(Dwl-II) for settling the case of our senior comrade Shri D.Ramesh, SDE regarding Pay Fixation from 2004.

01.09.2013 : The CPI for the month of July 2013 has increased from 231 to 235. IDA for the month of October 2013 is likely to increase by 6% approximately.

07.06.2013:DoT approves BSNL proposal for allowing 78.2% fitment benefit:It has been reliably learnt that DoT has today approved BSNL proposal for revision of pay as per fitment benefit @ 78.2% w.e.f.1.1.2007 but with actual payment to be made prospectively and arrears thereof deferred till the financial position of the company improves.

We expressed our serious concern about the disconnection of offnet calls to service mobile connections and requested for restoration.    Local administration has promised to look into the matter for restoration of the facility early.


The first CEC at Chennai was conducted in a magnificent manner followed by the retirement function of Com.KBalasubramanian President, AIBSNLOA CHQ, and Com.R.R.Balasubramanian AGS, AIBSNLOA CHQ on 01-06-2013. The CEC started in the morning at the TANSITA Conference Hall, Guindy Chennai. The CEC had very useful deliberations throughout the session. In the afternoon session, retirement party for Com. K. Balasubramnaian and Com.R.R.Balasubramanian started with the opening remarks of the President Com.R. Damodaran . A great number of veteran leaders, CHQ office beares , leaders from Chennai Telephones participated in the function. Many of the participants addressed the meeting and shared their memories and experiences they had with the retired leaders .. The function nded with vote of thanks by Com. M.S.Radhakrishnan, ACS.


Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers : March-224, April-226. IDA increase to be 3.5 % or more from July 2013.

31.05.2013 : AIBSNLOA is the first association to take up the case of restoration of OFF-NET facility which was disconnected to our Residential Phone Connection. The discrimination has to be removed immediately. Read More

31.05.2013 : Our District Branch is very thankful to the Coimbatore District Administration for settling the case of our member Shri Chinnamylswamy, SDE quickly. Special mention is to be made about Shri S. RAVI, AGM(Admn) for settling the case. We place on record our special thanks to Shri S.RAVI, AGM(Admn).

BSNL Ernakulam posts Rs 390-crore turnover (Courtesy: The Indian Express). We congragulate Shri P.T.Mathew, PGM, Ernakulam SSA (former PGM, Coimbatore SSA) for this magnificiant achievement.

23.05.2013: Special GB will be held at 11:00 hrs on 25/5/2013 at TRC, CTO, Coimbatore - 18 for submission of Circle Conference Account. Kindly attend without fail.
20.05.2013: All Officiating JAO's are posted at IMPCS section to strengthen the Mobile Services.
14.05.2013:CHQ writes to Chairman BRPSE on 78.2%:'As per the operational modalities for BRPSE, on reference by the administrative Ministry, other loss making CPSEs can be considered by BRPSE if it is of the opinion that revival/restructuring is necessary for checking the incipient sickness (incurring loss for two consecutive years) and making the CPSE profitable, keeping the industry specific business environment in view. Thus it would be seen that BRPSE can advise the CPSE on revival/restructuring strategies and not on implementing earlier directions of DPE on pay related matter.'
07.05.2013: CHQ writes to CMD on Pay fixation under FR 22 (I) (a) (1) instead of FR 35 for TTAsofficiating as JTOs'     Read More...

04.05.2013 : As the DGM(F) promotion and posting orders has been released, it is learnt that CAO Looking After list will be issued from Circle Office next week.
  • 03.05.2013:Promotion to DGM (F) grade on adhoc basis:BSNL has issued promotion and posting orders as DGM for 71 regular CAOs.Shri D.Pushparaj has been  posted as DGM, Erode SSA. View orders..
03.05.2013: Officiating promotion in the cadre of JAO in Tamilnadu Circle : Circle office has called for options as it is proposed to give officiating promotion in the cadre of JAO to the 67 candidates who have qualified in the JAO Part II in the internal Competitive exams held during December 2012 as a short term arrangement before being deputed for JAO Phase I training View orders
20.04.2013: COMRADES OF RECEPTION COMMITTEE BEHIND SUCCESS OF SECOND CIRCLE CONFERENCE AT COIMBATORE: Nearly a fortnight after successful conduct of Second Circle Conference at Coimbatore, apart from the fruitful and purposeful deleberations, thoughts of the magnificient hall, the ambience and richness of the stage, satisfactory accommodation and the sumptuous food served are still lingering in our minds. Behind all these were the commitment and hardwork of our comrades in the Reception Commitee led by Com.M.Dhanushkodi, District Secretary and Convenor under the able guidance of Com.P.Ponnuswamy, Retd. DGM. The Circle Association is grateful and places on record the self-less services of Com.R.Damodaran, SDE, Com.R.Viswanathan, SDE, Com.Com.P.Rajagopal, CAO, Com. D. Ramesh, SDE, Com. K. Sivakumaran, SDE, Com. Umaganesan, Sr. AO, Com. Edward Kennedy, JAO, Com. S. T. Sujee, JAO, Com. Rajasekaran, JAO, Com. S. Kottiappan, JAO, Com. Gnanasambandam, JTO, Com. Rajendran, JTO, Com. Arul Selvagiriraju, JTO, Com. ChinnaMailswamy, SDE, Com. S. C. Manian, SDE, Erode, Com. S. Rajasekaran, CAO (Retd), Com. K. Jeyachandran, CTO, CBT, Com. B. Arunachalam, STS (Retd), Com. Vasudevan, TM, Telecom Project, Com. Ramaian, RM, OFC Outdoor, Coimbatore and other comrades in the Reception Committee.

19/04/13:      Our    Seniormost       &      founder    member    of  AIBSNLOA Coimbatore District   Com. M. Ramalingam, DE MTP has been elevated to the post of DGM (Mobile Service) CB.   We Congratulate him in his future endeavour. View orders.

17/04/13 : CHQ writes to CMD requesting grant of exemption from appearing in the LDCE for promotion to JTO -case of TTAs who have passed the screening test held in 2OOO:'We are worried over the inhuman attitude with which the issue is being handled after exploiting the services of these TTAs for years together by ordering them to officiate in JTO vacancies. Now, asking them to appear in the examination after they have completed JTO Phase I training and have worked for so many years as JTOs, is neither fair nor justified. BSNL cannot shirk its responsibility to regalarize them as JTOs in the name of court decisions, ignoring its own decision dated 30.3.2001. Read More......

GLIMPSES OF 2nd Circle Conference of AIBSNLOA held at Coimbatore on 3rd & 4th April 2013
  • Chief Guest Hon'ble MLA Thiru. M. ARUMUGAM lighted Kuthuvilakku and inaugurated the Conference
    Chief Guest Hon'ble MLA Thiru. M. ARUMUGAM lighted Kuthuvilakku and inaugurated the Conference
  • Our General Secretary Comrade R.Rakesh Sethi lighting kuthuvilakku
    Our General Secretary Comrade R.Rakesh Sethi lighting kuthuvilakku
  • CGM TN Circle Shri.M.Ashraf Khan lighting Kuthuvilakku
    CGM TN Circle Shri.M.Ashraf Khan lighting Kuthuvilakku
  • Guest of Honour Lion P.Arumuga Mani, MJF lighting kuthuvilakku
    Guest of Honour Lion P.Arumuga Mani, MJF lighting kuthuvilakku
  • Our General Secretary Com. Rakesh Sethi addressing the Conference
    Our General Secretary Com. Rakesh Sethi addressing the Conference
  • Delegates attending the Conferece
    Delegates attending the Conferece
  • Guests & Office Bearers on the Dais on Open Session
    Guests & Office Bearers on the Dais on Open Session
  • Maiden Speech by Our New Circle President Com.R.DAMODARAN, SDE COIMBATORE
    Maiden Speech by Our New Circle President Com.R.DAMODARAN, SDE COIMBATORE
  • Our District President Com.M.Ponnusamy,DGM(Retd) honouring Shri.A.SHAJAHAN, PGM COIMBATORE
    Our District President Com.M.Ponnusamy,DGM(Retd) honouring Shri.A.SHAJAHAN, PGM COIMBATORE
Chief Guest Hon'ble MLA Thiru. M. ARUMUGAM lighted Kuthuvilakku and inaugurated the Conference
Chief Guest Hon'ble MLA Thiru. M. ARUMUGAM lighted Kuthuvilakku and inaugurated the Conference
Our Union Flag hoisted by General Secretary on the Inaugural day of the Conference. Click to view the video. Flag Hoisting

Click to view more Photos

2nd Circle Conference - News in Media

  • Dinamalar, Coimbatore 3rd April 2013: General Secretary's address
    Dinamalar, Coimbatore 3rd April 2013: General Secretary's address
  • Dinamani: April 3,2013:General Secretary & Circle Office bearers addressing the Press Council
    Dinamani: April 3,2013:General Secretary & Circle Office bearers addressing the Press Council
  • Dinamani, 3rd April 2013: Hon'ble MLA Thiru.M. Arumugam's special address
    Dinamani, 3rd April 2013: Hon'ble MLA Thiru.M. Arumugam's special address
  • Dinakaran 3rd April 2013:Inauguration of the Circle Conference of AIBSNLOA news in media
    Dinakaran 3rd April 2013:Inauguration of the Circle Conference of AIBSNLOA news in media
Dinamalar, Coimbatore 3rd April 2013: General Secretary's address
Dinamalar, Coimbatore 3rd April 2013: General Secretary's address



07.03.2013:II CIRCLE CONFERENCE-COIMBATORE The 2nd Circle Conference of AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu circle will be held at Nallayan Kalyana Mandapam, Opp. to Irudhaya Theatre, Coimbatore (Near Railway Station) on 3rd and 4th April, 2013. The Pre-Circle Conference CEC will be held on 3rd April, 2013 at 9.00 hours in the same venue.

05.02.2013:CIRCLE CONFERENCE OF AIBSNLOA TAMILNADU CIRCLE: The dates for the Circle Conference of AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu Circle at Coimbatore have been fixed for April 3rd and April 4th 2013.
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